About Us

Ak Döküm Industry and Trades Limited Company, is the firm that the persons who received training at the German firm named MAHLE-Piston, and worked as workmen at the firm named IST. MAHLE PISTON established in Turkey for about 20 years established in the year 1986 after they resigned from this firm, and since then, it has been serving in the field of aluminium die casting and AL heat treatment.

Ak Döküm Industry and Trades Limited Company, being one of the first in the casting industries in Turkey, conducted a solution partnership with the Çerkezköy factory of HEMA industry in the year 1991. And it currently serves in the field of manufacturing casting functions for the hydraulic pumps together with the firm named Ak casting.

Our firm, being the leader in its sector, manufactures the casting products of the non-moving and moving parts (motor blocks, pistons, manifolds, wheel hubs) of various motorbike factories, and various aluminium parts in electricity sector for the TAKFAN machine industry, and the seatbelt rollers for the firm named Ark Pres A.Ş. Its transaction volume is 140 - 160 Tons per year. It continues technological investments as a result of the demands increasing day by day.